Thursday, January 7, 2010

Layout Club For February

Hi All! Just thought I would show you the first layout for the Feb club. I think that this could be alot of fun! I purposefully left the title off - you need to think about how you would use this layout and then let me know what you want the title to be and I'll do it up for you. I see ideas like "Before and After", "He said, She said", "then and now", "His and Hers" - those kind of things! The second page (the right-hand side) only shows 4 pictures and the bottom half of the page "white space" but you could certainly add more pictures or another journaling box. Lots of versatility. It is based off of 2 layouts in the Reflections book - Quartet Columns and Front and Centre Blocks.

Also, Melanie D. won the contest for the January club! Thanks for your support Mel!! She will receive a 1-page kit titled "Rough and Tumble" - which I know will be perfect for some pictures of Justin - her rough and tumble little boy!!!

Layout #2 will be up shortly as well as the deadline for registration for the February Club.

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