Monday, January 11, 2010

Challenge #9

Hey all! Almost there but there is still time to get some points!! This is an easy one - tell us about your favorite technique AND what technique you'd like to try/use more.

I am big into distressing I have found - sanding and inking edges of cardstock etc.
I'd like to emboss and use glitter in more layouts.

Can't wait to hear your thoughts!!

This is worth 2 points. Comments due Wednesday by noon.


  1. You sound a lot like me Carrie. My favorite technique is inking. I ink almost everything. I would like incorporate more bling into my layouts and I would also like to try hand stitching on a layout.

  2. My favorite technique by far is heat embossing. I love the look it has. Also I honestly never knew until a couple months ago which seems so silly to me now that I didn't know but that you can use stampin up markers to color your stamps to stamp with. I always wondered how they got all those colors on one I am with Stacey though, I would like to try using more bling in my scrapbooking

  3. Handstiching looks so awesome!! But I just DON'T have the patience!! I'm sure that when you do it, Stacey, that I'll see it and be SOO ENVIOUS!! As for heat embossing - good for you Casi - I have all the stuff, I just overlook it as something to incorporate on my layouts/cards - I resolve to try harder!!! Thanks for sharing girls!