Thursday, October 22, 2009

Check this out!

We all know that without photos, scrapbooking would be a LITTLE more challenging. So here is a link to check out so that you never miss another seasonal photo op! It is a checklist that Creating Keepsakes published in the October 2009 issue. There are two options to print out - the CK one is very American-oriented (for example - Thanksgiving in November)but still a great starting point and they do provide a blank checklist that you can fill in yourself. Keep it handy and snap away!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Change in the contest rules

I think that I need to change the rules - after the first comment - people might just "gasp" copy each others answer....hmmmm.....what to do? New rules - post a comment - anything - about the cards and then email your answer to So you still have to comment - just don't put your answer out there for everyone to steal! I might be overthinking this is just my competitive nature!

Club Spoiler and Contest

Here it is! All three of these cards are based on a design from the Originals or Wishes books. You have to correctly name the design in a comment here to win! Simple as that!! Bonus question: name at least three of the exclusive CTMH colors that are used. Good Luck! Winner will be announced Wednesday, October 28th at 7 pm. (This is open to anyone - not just club members.) Have fun!!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Watch here for an upcoming contest that I am sponsoring!

The rules will be FIRM this time - You HAVE to leave a comment on the contest post - emails to me won't count! So spend a little time and figure out how to do it - it is really not hard and I certainly haven't found that my 'spam' has not gotten any worse. So try it - you might like it!

My Experiment

Hi gang! Hope everyone had a great weekend. I just wanted to share with you a little experiment that actually turned out not too bad. I wanted a metallic silver accent but had no silver paper left. So I grabbed a white die-cut star, rolled my rubber brayer in embossing ink and then all over the die cut, sprinkled it with silver embossing powder and viola!! I had a shiny silver star!!! One thing that I would suggest - that I didn't do - if you are going to try this - move your die cut from where you applied the embossing ink to a "dry" location before you apply the embossing powder. The brayer, of course, goes over the edges and your embossing powder will stick to any surface with ink - so you lose some powder. Just a thought!

Friday, October 16, 2009

You are invited to an online crop!

Join us over at October 23-25 for a fun online crop!

Additional Tutorial on Snapease

Hi there! A while ago, I did post my lame-o tutorial on the new snapease system but now you can get a more professional take on it - check out CTMH TV at the following link and click on "Fall Surprises" to get a video presentation on that and more. Let me know what you think!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Exclusive Kits featuring All Our New Papers!

Hi Everyone! Just thought that I would post some pictures from the kits that CTMH has put together for you. They feature a full Level II paper pack, coordinating embellishments, a guide for getting the most from your paper - doing LO's or cards or a combination of the two, and an EXCLUSIVE STAMP SET! If you want me to email you a full flyer detailing everything for any of the kits, just let me know by commenting here or email me.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Another Contest!!!

CTMH has a new and fun sweepstakes for you to enter! Simply sign up for email updates at (top left side of the screen) and you will automatically be entered into a weekly random drawing for a My Legacy® Dark Cocoa linen album. We will notify the winner via email. If you didn’t get the album, don’t worry—your name is still in the drawing for the next week.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Snapease Tutorial

Hi everyone! I recently bought the Snapease Album System and did my "install" the other night. It was fairly easy but I did find that it worked better if the album was "fuller". To achieve this in my album, I merely replaced the 1" extender posts I was using with the 1/2" extender posts that came with the album system. You could do the same or just add in some spine expanders if you find this when you install yours. You just unscrew the screws and screw in the adpater posts and slide on the plastic tabs, putting the adapter in the wide end and sliding it to the narrow end. Be sure to put your Snapease System on the back - this will make it easier to add pages if you scrapbook chronologically. It is WAY easier to take your album apart this way than with a screw driver as it was before!!! Check out my photos for more illustration. Hope I can get then in an order that makes sense!

Entry for the Challenge at Magpie Club

Here is my entry for the challenge over at the Magpie club. It is based on a exclusive Julie Bonner sketch. Post yours here if you don't have a blog and I'll enter you too!

Friday, October 2, 2009

I WON!!!! I WON!!!!!

Check me out - over at

I WON!!!! Check it out!!! And I just ordered their October kit and add-on - my first "kit" purchase online!!! I am in scrapbook heaven!!!!

Layout idea - Have to do a LO

I have to remind myself to do a LO on this: last night, just before he fell asleep, Noah said "I wish I had a tail!" KIDS!

Check it out - Magpie Club blog

Julie Bonner (52 sketches) is now doing extra - exclusive sketches for some other blogs. Check her out over at and enter the contest! Let me know if you do with a post of your link here too!

Sketch #38 - submission for 52 sketches #38

I am slowly, slowly, ever so slowly getting our pics from the trip to AZ this winter done (why should those pics get any better treatment than anything else - I don't know!!!). I have been using the sketch challenge over at 52 sketches, 52 weeks to motivate me to put adhesive to paper. Check it out - here is my #38. I am using the Route 66 paper pack from CTMH to do the entire trip. Let me know what you think!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Winners! Winners! Winners!

Well, I have to be a bit forgiving - I had said leave a comment AND sign up as a follower but I did enter everyone that was already a follower or left a comment - here are the winners:
Amrit N
Tanis R (who sent me an email -had troubles commenting on the web -you are forgiven my dear friend!)
Michelle F
Susan M

Thanks for playing along everyone! Next time I'll be more strict - followers only!!!! I'll drop off/mail out prizes soon!

Wanted: New Consultants for the New Promo!

October Constant CampaignStudio Splurge!
This October 1–31, 2009, when you enroll as a new Consultant and successfully complete both levels in the Straight to the Top (STTT) program per policy, you will receive 10 FREE Studio J™ scrapbook layouts!
Dates:New Consultants: October 1–31, 2009 Details:Please see FAQ for full information. Shipping/handling apply. Flyer coming soonFAQ can be found here

What is Studio J, you ask? Check out this link for more info: