Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Snapease Tutorial

Hi everyone! I recently bought the Snapease Album System and did my "install" the other night. It was fairly easy but I did find that it worked better if the album was "fuller". To achieve this in my album, I merely replaced the 1" extender posts I was using with the 1/2" extender posts that came with the album system. You could do the same or just add in some spine expanders if you find this when you install yours. You just unscrew the screws and screw in the adpater posts and slide on the plastic tabs, putting the adapter in the wide end and sliding it to the narrow end. Be sure to put your Snapease System on the back - this will make it easier to add pages if you scrapbook chronologically. It is WAY easier to take your album apart this way than with a screw driver as it was before!!! Check out my photos for more illustration. Hope I can get then in an order that makes sense!

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