Wednesday, January 20, 2010

More Submissions for the 12 Days Challenge

Winner of the 12 Days Challenge!!!

CONGRATS TO STACEY!!!! She pulled ahead of Casi - who put in a great effort - for which she will be rewarded - to achieve first place!!! Thanks for playing girls!!! I will get your prizes to you asap. They also sent in a few submissions that I haven't gotten posted but will as they are all great projects!! Happy Scrappin'!

My Favorite Embellishments

I have been dillegently entering the National Papercrafting Contest that CTMH is holding over at

Today's challenge is to tell everyone about your favorite embellishment and link the CTMH blog to yours - so part one done - see the web site above plus the link with pic on the right hand side of this site.

Part two - my favorite embellishments are chipboard anything and buttons - of which CTMH has lots!!

Have a great day!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Winner to be announced tomorrow!

I have had my hands full so will try to get the points tallied tomorrow! This is what i have been busy with...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Challenge #12

This is it ladies!! Last chance to score an easy point! On p. 25 of the new catty, the paper pack "Daydream" is featured. Find another page in the catty where at least 3 out of these 4 colors are featured in the artwork. Good luck!! You have until noon tomorrow to email me your answer! Winner will be announced next week!

Submissions for the contest from Casi!

Here are Casi's submissions for Challenge #7 and #10. Way to go Casi!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Challenge #11

Okay - I was motivated to grab a project that has been started but collecting dust for a good long time in my scrap room. I challenge you to find a project like this, dig it out and finish it. It doesn't have to be perfect - as nike says - just do it!! This is worth 4 points and is due at noon on Friday the 15th. Good luck!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Magpie Club January Sketch Challenge

Here is my entry for the January Sketch challenge over at

It is based on a sketch by Julie Bonner. I really enjoyed doing it 90% of the products are from a Fancy Pants paper pack called All Fall that I picked up at Barnyard Scrappin'. The cardstock is CTMH, the ink and copper square are SU! and the flower, brad and staples are...unknown!!

Challenge #10

They are going to come fast and furious now - we are nearing the end...and you never know when I might be out of commission!!

So here is you assignment for today - you have until Friday to complete it and it is worth three points - a chance to catch up!!!

Send me an email with a picture of a past layout that you are really proud of and want to share. The only catch is is has to contain at least 2 Close to my Heart products - it can be anything though - paper, ribbon, stamped images, embellishments - you get the drift! I will post it here for all to see!!!

Good luck! Can't wait to see what you come up with!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Challenge #9

Hey all! Almost there but there is still time to get some points!! This is an easy one - tell us about your favorite technique AND what technique you'd like to try/use more.

I am big into distressing I have found - sanding and inking edges of cardstock etc.
I'd like to emboss and use glitter in more layouts.

Can't wait to hear your thoughts!!

This is worth 2 points. Comments due Wednesday by noon.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fantastic Photo!!

Wow! This is a great photo!!! I can see so many possibilities for scrappin' it! Thanks for sharing Stacey!!!

Layout #4 for February

Hi All! Here is the second layout for the February club. It is based on the Dynamic Design concept in Cherish (my go-to design book!). I used the That's Amore paper pack featuring the colors blush, Chocolate, Garden Green and Tulip. I gave it a bit of a "valentine's Day" theme but if you don't like the "love U" title, we sure don't have to use that! I am going to include some extra embellishments and paper to help you complete your journalling and "dress it up". Let me know if you would like to participate in February's club by January 31. Thanks!

Challenge #8

Easy one here girls...
What new embellishments can be found on p. 93? Hint: there are 3.

Email me your answer by tomorrow - Monday, Jan 11 at noon.

Worth 1 point.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Enjoying this challenge? Check out this blog for even more!

Thanks to Sally at
for letting me know about this site.
It is chock full of challenges and tutorials. Have fun with it!!! They give you lots of time to get through - I think - 16 challenges a month!! Lots to work with there!!

Submission for Challenge #2

I have to share this LO with you - this comes from Stacey and as always she does GREAT work!!! Thanks for playing along Stacey!!!

Challenge #7

Well, Stacey is in the lead!! Cassie pulls into second place and Kary drops to third. There is still time to play along!! I might even create a second package - just to reward the top two for their efforts!!!

Here is your challenge for the weekend...It is a big one so I'll give you until next Friday - the end of the challenge period to complete it. Complete a 1 or 2 page layout featuring a mix of different products - I want to see dimension, texture, bling and color!! Let me know if you tried a new product for the first time on it. Experiement!!! Perfection is not the goal - creativity is!! So give it a whirl and email me a pic before next Friday at noon with a description of the products and techniques and how you felt about trying something new!! Good luck!!! And have a warmer weekend (for you locals)!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Here is one of my fav photos from the holidays!

This is a photo of my niece tobogganing. I just love the colors of her snow suit and the expression on her face! This is definitely going on a page somewhere!

Prize Pack for the 12 days of Christmas Challenge

All right - in an attempt to get you all motivated to play along - here is a peek at the prize pack! It is also going to be part of Challenge #6.

Part 1 - what paper pack are the patterend papers from? (Hint: you may have to look at the previous catalogue to figure it out) worth 1 point - just email me your answer.

Part 2 - Email me a photo taken this winter that you haven't scrapped yet but are dying to do something with. Can't wait to see all the great images! Let me know if you DON'T want them posted to the blog.

Layout Club For February

Hi All! Just thought I would show you the first layout for the Feb club. I think that this could be alot of fun! I purposefully left the title off - you need to think about how you would use this layout and then let me know what you want the title to be and I'll do it up for you. I see ideas like "Before and After", "He said, She said", "then and now", "His and Hers" - those kind of things! The second page (the right-hand side) only shows 4 pictures and the bottom half of the page "white space" but you could certainly add more pictures or another journaling box. Lots of versatility. It is based off of 2 layouts in the Reflections book - Quartet Columns and Front and Centre Blocks.

Also, Melanie D. won the contest for the January club! Thanks for your support Mel!! She will receive a 1-page kit titled "Rough and Tumble" - which I know will be perfect for some pictures of Justin - her rough and tumble little boy!!!

Layout #2 will be up shortly as well as the deadline for registration for the February Club.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day #5

Okay all - there are 7 challenges left after this one and 9 days in which to fit them all in.
This one is another 2 part challenge. Deadline is Friday at noon.

Part one is worth 1 point. Tell us all in a post here which is your favorite color combo and which page in the new catty you can find examples of it. Mine has to be buttercup, crystal blue, sorbet and sweet leaf - all the colors in the new Caboodle line! I love how they have put these together to be used for little boys!! Plus I have always been a sucker for sweet leaf! Check it out on p. 19!

Part two: This requires a bit more work so it is worth 2 points. You can email me your answer. Go over to Click on Ideas and Inspiration and then on CTMH TV. Play the Art and Soul: Happy Highlights video and tell me what stamp set is featured in the first half of this video and what paper pack is featured in the second half.

Good Luck!!! Have fun!! Don't miss the deadline!! I'll try and post a pic of the prize pack to motivate you to play along!!!

Link for the Felicity Contest

Sorry everyone! I think that the link is not working - try this one:

All you have to do is post a comment on there for a chance to win the Felicity paper pack - every day is a new chance to win!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My self control!!! Plus Day #4 Challenge

Didn't think that I had any but if you can believe it - I walked away from buy 1 get 1 free Cricut cartridges at Micheals!!!!!!! Ahhhhh!!! Spent too much at Christmas!!!!

Anyways...this is also going to lead into challenge #4 - it is an EASY one so it is only worth 1 point.

Go through the new catalogue as if you had no self-control and generate a top 10 wish list of all the things you'd LOVE to have!!! Post your list here by Thursday night at 6 pm to be counted!!!!!

Don't forget that you only have until tomorrow for challenge #3!!!! So far, Stacey is in the lead there!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Canadian Scrapbooker Contest

Head on over to
for a new (easy!) contest too!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New websites for you all to check out!

I just found what I think will be a good substitute for the 52 sketches...52 weeks website - check out

Also, if you are into photography, check out

for Sue Sykes 'assignments'.

Anyone else have any site they would like to share?

Day #3 Challenge

This one is a tricky one!

Part 1: How many new stamps sets are featured in the new catalogue? Worth 2 points

Part 2: How many times does the word" twitterpated" appear in the new catalogue? Worth 2 points

You only have until Wednesday, January 6th to complete this challenge so good luck!!! Just email me your answers and I'll post the winner of this challenge here on the 7th.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Here is my response to my own challenge

I have to confess that this was a bit of a "two birds with one stone" layout...I was also doing it for the last (sigh) challenge at 52 sketches...52 weeks site but regardless the reason - it is done!! Hope to see some of your work soon!

Challenge #2

Okay gang! Hope everyone's new years celebration was exactly what they wanted it to be - exciting for some, laid back for others and somewhere in-between for the rest! We spent a lovely evening with friends playing wii, Disney Scene it and watching the hockey game. There were lots of laughs and great snacks!

2010 started out with a big sleep-in for our family but now, in the quiet of my little craft room, I am thinking about my new years resolutions. I'm sure that we all have similar ones but one that I want to try to keep is to complete more layouts! So Day #2 challenge is to finish a layout between now and January 15th. You just have to take a picture of it and email it to me. I'll post them here as we go. I'll take you on your word that it is a NEW layout - not one you have already done! If you are not a scrapbooker, then your challenge is to create 2 new cards and send the pic to me. This challenge is worth 2 points. Good Luck!!