Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day #5

Okay all - there are 7 challenges left after this one and 9 days in which to fit them all in.
This one is another 2 part challenge. Deadline is Friday at noon.

Part one is worth 1 point. Tell us all in a post here which is your favorite color combo and which page in the new catty you can find examples of it. Mine has to be buttercup, crystal blue, sorbet and sweet leaf - all the colors in the new Caboodle line! I love how they have put these together to be used for little boys!! Plus I have always been a sucker for sweet leaf! Check it out on p. 19!

Part two: This requires a bit more work so it is worth 2 points. You can email me your answer. Go over to Click on Ideas and Inspiration and then on CTMH TV. Play the Art and Soul: Happy Highlights video and tell me what stamp set is featured in the first half of this video and what paper pack is featured in the second half.

Good Luck!!! Have fun!! Don't miss the deadline!! I'll try and post a pic of the prize pack to motivate you to play along!!!

1 comment:

  1. My favorite color combo is goldrush, indian corn blue and outdoor denim. These colors can be found in the new 'you rock' paper pack on page 22. I love these patterns as well.