Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Faves...

So, kind of a mixed bag for you today!

The first one is from Mel's Happy Scrappy Place - an unbelievable piece of canvas artwork that you can actually enter to win! Isn't it gorgeous?!?!? And she makes it sound so easy to do!!!

The second one is book that I just finished last night. It is a espionage/thriller-type book that basically gives you the chills as it talks about a plan to bring the world under control of a few people with a 'one world currency' and to do that, they plan the collapse of economies around the world...can anyone say "US debt? Italy? Greece?" This one could easily be a true story in a couple of years! Well worth the read! A good one for the men on your Christmas list! I think that I am going to read more of Brad Thor - this is the first one that I picked up.

I love checking out Etsy too and I found this unusual item that looks pretty neat! The cost is a bit high but a girl can dream! Warren's nephew is living in Brisbane for a couple more years...maybe I'll bug him to bring one home!!!Maybe something to think about for the REALLY TOUGH TO SHOP FOR this Christmas!!!

Have a blessed weekend! Hope to have some scrapping to post here next week if I get my way this weekend!

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