Friday, February 19, 2010

Wedensday Website of the Week

I think this company's philosophy is awesome! With a 6 year old (who is going on 16) and three young nieces, I am sure going to be shopping here!!!!! I love the name and (BONUS!) they are CANADIAN!!!

Check it out!

I cut and pasted some of the info from the site - which is worth reading, even if you don't check them out...

"Why are you trying so hard to fit in when you are born to stand out?"
-What a Girl Wants (2003) - Ian Wallace

Welcome to, a site created for my daughter and for yours as an alternative to the other clothing options out there that seem to want our girls to believe that all they can aspire to be are princesses, divas, heartbreakers or flirts. I want to provide apparel that allows young girls to exude confidence and adopt a "can do" attitude. I believe that our daughters should be encouraged to express their individuality, to celebrate who they are and to unabashedly stand out from the crowd. I personally source out all of our products and only select items that offer great quality and value. And of course, they must be fashionable yet age appropriate.

I also want to acknowledge and to reach out to all the other moms out there who are doing the best they can to help their pre-teen daughters become confident and capable young women. It is no easy task. My hat is off to you all.

I firmly believe that within each of us there is a light that is meant to shine bright, that every child is born blessed with unique talents and abilities, inherently gifted with something of value and worth to contribute to this world and that our potential is limitless.

Unfortunately, pop culture and the media are sending today’s youth quite a different message. The abundance of provocative clothing options coupled with the ubiquitous, sexually charged advertising specifically targeted to impressionable pre-teen girls, suggest that physical beauty and overt sexuality are paramount and hold greater value than substance, ability or accomplishment.

This is not the message I want for my daughter, Sofia or for any young girl. Inspired by the words “you must be the change you wish to see in the world”, I felt compelled to rail against the absurdity and resolved to create a more hopeful alternative. And thus was created as a one-stop destination for trendy apparel coveted by girls and approved my mom. offers quality, fun, stylish and age-appropriate clothing for tween girls AND promotes positive messages for them to send out to the world with what they wear:

“I have value and self-worth”
“I believe in myself”
“I can accomplish anything”

It is my hope that can play a small role in empowering young girls to dream big and live loud, to inspire them to aspire to greatness and to encourage each girl to allow the light within to shine bright

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