Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Faves

All right - got to dedicate this list to our Olympic Athletes!

How about Cheryl Bernard? Now I am not a big curling fan - this shout out is for how fantastically fit this lady is!!! For a sport that you don't normally view as one that requires major physical fitness, Cheryl is over the top!! I hope I can look even HALF that good at 41!!!

Next, Joannie Rochette - what a bittersweet medal that must be. My heart goes out to her but what a champion!! To be able to perform under the pressure she was under!!! Her mom must be so proud of her!!

And finally, Alex Bilodeau - this guy is a fantastic example of a Canadian athlete. Even after winning the first gold for Canada, he was all about Team Canada and all about his brother- not himself . He is humble, sincere and we are so proud of him!!!

Got a fave athlete? Canadian or not - tell us about them! Go team go!

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