Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Ahh! I took so many AWESOME pics on our holidays - I would love to scrap them but BLAH!!! Giant, time-sensitive work projects due- that I should be doing instead of blogging and it is YUCK! TAX TIME!!!! I seriously say this every year - I am going to do the books every month but...I don't. So that means every year about this time, I am scrambling around trying to organize multiple shoeboxes of receipts before April 15th. So what it boils down to is no scrapping for me at least before the 23rd of loss - your gain! What's that you say????

Well, in honor of 'tax season' - any March orders - PAY NO TAX!!! That's a 5% savings!!!

Stay tuned for more chances to win/save in March!!

In closing today, here is me, reading my spring issue of Canadian Scrapbooker in Jamaica, mon!!

Have a great day!!!

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