Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Time...ahh, I wish I had more!!

Well, we just finally got the bulk of the kids stuff and ours all moved around. So, #1 son moved into our room, we moved downstairs into what used to be the spare room, Jess moved into Noah's room - we'll have to remove the monster truck wallpaper and paint - Baby stayed where she was and the spare room moved into my scrapbooking room!! AHHHH!!! Don't feel bad for me - it was my idea! We also moved the deep freeze down to the storage room and I am revamping the laundry room to be a combo laundry/craft room/office. I am actually hopeful that I will get more scrapping done this way - dreams - everyone has to have them!!!! haha!!! Just need, like, 36 hours in a day and lose the need to sleep to get it all PROPERLY sorted out!!!

So, hope you like the new background!! Also, check out the new link to the NEW Idea Book - I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new Hooligans paper on p.18-has to be my fav thing in the whole book I think!!!

Don't forget my challenge - Sept 15th is the deadline - anything that uses the color combo Olive, black, cranberry and honey qualifies. Can't wait to see what you come up with!!!

My challenge to myself is to get my Barnyard Challenge kit used up and I think that I am going to combine it with the Sketchy Thursday's sketch for this week - I am all about multi-tasking!!!

Have a great day!!

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