Friday, September 17, 2010

DVD Instructions for the NEW MAGIC BOOK!

Just got this from head office so I thought that I would share it with you. My copy of Magic should be here any day now - I am so excited!!!!

How to Easily Access the Templates Found on the Magic™ DVD
Depending on your personal computer, the Magic™ DVD may open differently for each user. Your computer may automatically open the DVD folder, which contains the Magic Templates folder, or it may be programmed to immediately play the DVD. If your computer is programmed to immediately play the DVD, one simple tip to access the templates is to go to the Start Menu and select Computer. Then right click on the DVD Drive, which should indicate that you have the Close To My Heart DVD installed, and select Open from the menu options. Then you’ll have access to the Magic Templates folder. If you haven’t purchased Magic yet, I highly recommend you check out this phenomenal how-to book featuring interactive scrapbooking techniques (9034, $35.50 CAN)!

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