Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The new catalogue

You are going to LOVE it!!! It will be LIVE September 1 but over the next three weeks I will pick a few of the new products to share with you.

The product that I am going to highlight today is the NEW COLORS!!! They are all part of the Summer Collections. Joining the summer carnival collection is GYPSY, PACIFICA and SUNSET. GYPSY is a sassy purple that works very well as a Halloween color. PACIFICA is a beautiful, peaceful blue and SUNSET gives you an instant warm, fall-feeling but it is also a versatile color for summer photos. New for the summer celebration collection are COTTON CANDY, a sweet muted pink. You'll see it working well as a non-traditional Christmas color as well as a great Valentines day or baby girl color. LAGOON is a luscious green-blue color. SKY brings to mind a wintery feel but I can also see it working well with beach, lake and ocean pictures. SMOOTHIE is a fun peachy-red color that surprisingly works equally well as an autumn color and a traditional Christmas color. And my favorite new color has to be PEAR, a bright, brilliant green. When you see the new catalogue you find PEAR paired up with everything from goldrush to sunny yellow and gypsy!!!

Stay tuned for more highlights coming up on Sunday!

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