Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Years Thoughts/Resolutions

This is a bit late but I was cleaning out my printer tray and I did print these out Dec 28th and Jan 2 so my intentions were good! They are a bit general but I think that they are worth repeating and could certainly be applied to your scrapping goals and relationships! Enjoy and I look forward to your feedback!

The first one is from our internal Close To My Heart "Weekly Wisdom" email. It was titled "Set your 2012 Goals". This is an excerpt from it that spoke to me:

"Stephen Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, recommends finding those small things you can do right now to help achieve your more ambitious resolutions. Is your goal to be more active or healthy in 2012? Then the key is to isolate the smaller tasks that you can do to achieve that - maybe it is getting up a little bit earlier, or cutting down on sodas and drinking water instead. Whatever it is you determine to do, Covey explains that "The main thing is to make a promise to yourself and keep it. When you make a promise and keep it you will find yourself grow in self-assurance and confidence."

The second was a list of resolutions from a "Monday Morning Motivator" that I subscribe to from Gail Blanke, author of Throw Out Fifty Things. They were very positive and somedays a positive attitude is all you need!

1. I will assume the best case scenario in every situation - even when someone hasn't answered my email, returned my call... or looks at me kind of funny.

2. I will become an "adventurer." I will look at myself, my work, the people I love and the world in general with "new eyes" - every day.

3. I will press my "mental delete button" when I wake up at 3 AM and start worrying about the stuff I haven't done - or the stuff I should've done differently...and sleep like a baby.

4. I will assume the best intentions in people - and anticipate that they will deliver on them.

5. I will not become exhausted by the mere thought of all the things I have to do; I will imagine myself taking energy from the doing of them.

6. I will not over analyze things, people and situations. I will trust my instincts - and act.

7. I will remind myself when the things I'm attempting seem especially hard that they're supposed to be hard. If they weren't hard, someone would already have done them.

8. I will remember - on the inevitable occasions when somebody doesn't buy my "act" - that wonderful advertising mantra: if enough people love ya, the ones who don't, don't matter.

9. I will wrap my arms around the really good moments - little ones, big ones - and say out loud, "Right now...isn't this good? Aren't we lucky?"

10. I will choose to be happy.

So with these thoughts in mind - I'll leave you with a couple of inspirational layouts in the spirit of New Years Resolutions. They are both from the Club CK gallery and were highlighted on their blog yesterday. (Kind of neat how both of them did not have photos! That is something I rarely do but it is a powerful techinique.)

By Itarbox

By Celeste Smith

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