Thursday, August 11, 2011


I have to confess that I have a guilty habit (pleasure) of buying magazines - any kind - gossip rags, beauty and fashion mags, home decorating, fitness and of course - scrapbooking ones! In fact, just before I went on holidays, I picked up the current copy of Scrapbooks etc - one of my perennial faves! I like it so much I even subscribe to it!!! So that means I now have 2 copies!!

So if you want one of these, just leave a comment here by September 1st telling me what you like about the new catty and its yours!!!!


  1. Hey! I have the same guilty pleasure!!! (Mags that is). I used to let them pile up... now I'm trying to force myself to read them, collect what I want from them, (articles, recipes, etc) and then get rid of them. Scrapbook mags I keep. I don't have a favourite section or anything, I just really enjoy sitting and leisurely flipping, occasionally folding pages for future "scrap-lifting" ideas. My Scrap mag collection is slowly growing... Its a good thing they only come out four times a year. I haven't been able to get rid of my old order books either. So that is my sorry tale! :)

  2. I too suscribe to a few magazines. I hang on to them for a while and then either take them to the Dr's office or to our staff lounge. I don't suscribe to any paper crafting magazines any more so would enjoy flipping through one!

  3. Hey I forgot to mention what I like about the new catty!! First of all I like that the price of stamps has gone. I also like the new way they have done their color palette (p.8-9). Now what I like about what's in the catty.....there are a lot of great new stamp sets...Party Pennants, Vintage Type, Instant Memories, Love Life, Remarkable Wreaths...just to name a few.

  4. hey Thanks for the chance to win..can you send me a cattyDee